Changes, new challenges in the environment, breaks in life plans and many other characters of modification affect companies and the people working there in the same way. Just not always at the same time, in the same perceived intensity or at the same pace.

At this point we are glad to become your reliable and discreet contact.

The people with their abilities, ideas and wishes are at the center of our actions.

In many companies the resources are already available in form of competent and experienced employees. Through targeted methods these existing forces can be discovered and promoted. Also, external new forces can be searched for, which support or guide existing teams in the most professional way.

We fulfill these diverse tasks in a network of personnel and management consultants, which is is just in the process of growing.

Mrs. Oetker-Hilker has worked for over 16 years in a department store group in an executive position, working intensively on the relevant topics of human resources management as part of her work as a personnel director.